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Enjoy informal but highly instructive discussions with researchers and other guests.


An ideal venue for relaxed and enlightening encounters with researches and scholars from both inside and outside the University. An intimate space facilitating frank and open exchange of ideas. Events are held approximately once each month in the Global Village area on the second floor. Engage deeply with professors you already know, or learn about topics that are new to you. Enjoy a truly educational experience amidst a very non-classroom ambience.

For Doshisha students and faculty
Cost Free
Bring your own (covered) drinks. (Vending machines are available nearby.)
Seating Capacity 15 (Draw lots if oversubscribed)
How to Apply Click the link for the scheduled event you wish to attend (below), and enter your information at the event page. (You can also access these events from the Events, Workshops, and Seminars page.)

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