1. General

  • What is the Learning Commons? The Commons is carefully designed to encourage and support the student’s quest to transform information into knowledge, and knowledge into creation. It offers a stimulating environment rich in the elements that bring learning to life—fascinating people, interesting events, informational resources, tools, materials, and numerous venues for engaging and exploring with others. Its mission is to provoke the curiosity and enhance the education of all Doshisha students. We encourage you to browse this website for ideas about how to approach this special place.
  • Who’s invited? Are there any usage restrictions? Read the Usage Guide.
  • What are the hours? Basic opening hour.
    IMADEGAWA: 9:00~22:00(Mon to Sat), 9:00~17:00(Sun)
    KYOTANABE: 9:00~21:00(Mon to Fri), 9:00~17:00(Sat) , 10:00~17:00(Sun) 
    For information about availability at other times, refer to the Commons Availability Calendar.
  • Who can I talk to for help? The Commons has a full complement of staff members ready to provide guidance and support. Click Staff to see more.

2. Using the Commons

  • Can we use the Commons for parties and club events? No, that would not be consistent with the mission of the Commons.
  • Can we use the Commons for regular classes? The Commons is not a replacement for classrooms. Classes are encouraged to utilize the Commons areas for presentations, workshops, and events.
  • Is the Commons open to people from outside the University? In general, no. The Commons is specifically designed to support the education of Doshisha students. (Please read the Usage Guide.) Outside individuals may, however, be permitted entry to particular events sponsored by the University or affiliates. For more information, contact the Center for Learning Support and Faculty Development(学内別サイト).

3. Areas

  • Are there places where we can have coffee and snacks? Yes, you can bring light refreshments into the InfoDiner , Presentation Court or Global Village(IMADEGAWA), both on the second floor. Snacks should be in covered containers, and drinks should be in thermoses, plastic bottles, covered cups, or something similar. Please do not bring boxed lunches, instant noodles, aromatic delicacies, or anything that would require use of hashi or silverware.
  • How does the InfoDiner work? The InfoDiner is a reserved space—you must apply at the Information Counter before use. Student ID is required, and there must be at least two people in your party. You can reserve the space for a maximum of two hours. If you wish to stay longer, you can go back to the counter and receive an extension, provided that no one else is waiting.
  • Can I reserve the InfoDiner or group study rooms in advance? Yes, you can reserve up to two weeks in advance at the Information Counter. You can make up to three separate reservations, although no more than one for any given day. Student ID is required.

4. Services

  • I don’t know how to work some of the equipment… For help using the projectors, screens, electronic boards, or other equipment: Please consult with blue-vested student staff, or visit the information counter and speak with a support coordinator(IMADEGAWA). For help with borrowed (“DoKoDeMo”) computers and printers: Speak with ICT room helpers (in red jumpers). For help using software in the 3rd-floor Multimedia Lounge(IMADEGAWA): Speak with student assistants in blue jumpers.
  • What services are available in the Academic Support Area? Numerous dedicated staff members are available in the area, including academic instructors, an information search assistant (librarian), and learning assistants (graduate students). These individuals will be happy to extend various types of academic support; for example, they can provide advice about how to write a report or create a presentation, how to decide on study topics, and how to search for relevant books and other resources.
  • Can I borrow stationery? No, you must bring your own.
  • Is it true that I can have name cards printed? Yes. Inquire at the Print Station, on the third floor. They can also print posters, signs, stickers, pamphlets, and more.

5. Visiting the Commons

  • Can people come to visit? In principle, we'd like a free tour.  Welcome to visit the facility during normal weekday hours. Visitors must first sign in at the Information Counter.

    When visiting the Commons, please observe the following rules.

    ・Please do not disturb students who are studying.
    ・You are welcome to take photos of the facility, but please do not photograph faces of students.
    ・Please do not take photos of printed or electronic signage that includes images of student faces.
  • the Learning Commons Ask and Learn
  • Floor Maps

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