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About the Learning Commons


A Special Place… Where Learning Happens, and Ideas Grow

Learning Commons is a “new place for learning” where information becomes knowledge and knowledge becomes new creations. Encountering a variety of people, things, events, and information and sharing opinions and expanding discussions about them with friends, generate new possibilities for learning.

Most areas of Learning Commons offer open, flexible spaces without walls and provide a wide variety of the latest information equipment, not only PCs but also projectors, screens, and electronic blackboards which support your ideas. How you use the space is determined by what you want to do, not what you can do.

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Through bouncing communications back and forth,people polish ideas and the ideas start to make sense.


Learning Commons is a study space equipped with various facilities to turn inspiration into actualization. Awaken your potential for imagination, conceptualization, and actualization right here! And, of course, all kinds of human support is also available to you.


Encounter ideas Socialization

In addition to studying at your desk, take a stroll, browse the Internet, look at posters… Consciously paying attention to your encounter with a variety of information in the surrounding environment leads to the discovery of new knowledge and ideas. First, step in to Learning Commons and take a look around.


Talk to others Externalization

It is important to develop ideas, but it is also important to talk to others and listen to their opinions. While chatting with friends and relaxing, opinions bring about different perspectives and lead to new ideas. Take the idea outside your head ̶ that’s the first step toward a new creation.


Organize ideas Combination

Ideas also require logic. Subjectivity is essential to keeping a good balance between ideas and logic. Through continuous communication, an idea becomes logical and gains validity as a project.


Take action Internalization

The final step is to take action. Even if you come up with an idea and make a proposal, without the essential final step of taking action, your effort is only halfway to the goal. It is important to try it out. Do not be afraid of failure, and at the same time, prepare well to avoid failure and carry out the plan. That is also sure to boost your confidence.

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Ryoshinkan Learning Commons (IMADEGAWA)

Learned Memorial Library Learning Commons (KYOTANABE)

About the Learning Commons

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