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Floor 3 Research Commons Group Study Room

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Rearrange the Desks and Chairs

Gathering the power of the group

Seven rooms can be used as one large space when the string curtains are opened. The space can be used in many ways, from small groups to somewhat larger groups, for example, when you are narrowing down on a theme or are gathering the ideas of the group. You can use whiteboards and electronic blackboards, etc.

Learning Support Coordinator

Facilities   Electronic blackboards, whiteboards, movable desks and chairs
Capacity   About 15 persons

Use Your Imagination We provide, you decide.

Getting Around the Learning Commons
Ask and Learn.

  • こんな使い方

    Group Discussions

    Let’s discuss using ICT devices such SD cards, USB memories, recordable electronic blackboards, whiteboards, etc.

  • こんな使い方


    Using string curtains to create an event space for up to about 30 people.

  • こんな使い方

    Midsize Presentations

    Also suitable for study-group presentations and joint seminars.

  • こんな使い方

    Classes & Seminars

    Recharge by watching the sun set over Kyoto’s bustling Karasuma Street.

Engaging the Commons

    Floor Maps

  • Ryoshinkan Learning Commons (IMADEGAWA)

    Floor 2 Creative Commons

    • Information Counter
    • Presentation Court
    • InfoDiner
    • Group Work Area
    • Global Village
  • Floor 3 Research Commons

    • Academic Support Area
    • Group Study Room
    • Workshop Room
    • Multi Media Lounge
    • Print Station
  • Learned Memorial Library Learning Commons (KYOTANABE)

    • インフォメーションカウンター
    • プレゼンテーションコート
    • ワークショップルーム
    • アカデミックサポートエリア
    • グループワークエリア
    • インフォダイナー
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