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Usage Guide

Guideline to the Use of Doshisha University Learning Commons

Article 1: Purpose

Doshisha University Learning Commons (hereafter referred to as "Learning Commons") is a facility designed to support learning activities of the students of Doshisha University. Users of this facility are required to comply with this guideline.

Article 2: Purpose of Use

Learning Commons shall be used for students-initiated learning activities outside classes as well as activities which support them, as described below.

  • (1) Learning by individuals or groups
  • (2) Forums, symposiums, panel discussions, lectures, etc. provided for students
  • (3) Learning skills improving seminars, workshops, etc. provided for students
  • (4) Other learning support activities approved by the Director of Organization for Educational Support (hereafter referred to as "Director").

Article 3: Users

This facility is available to those stipulated in each section of this article.

  • (1) Undergraduate student, undergraduate exchange student, graduate student, research student, intern, non-degree student, auditor, scholarship student sent by government, special foreign student, exchange student, special student, special research student, student preparing for bar exam, Doshisha Women's College student under the credit transfer system, student under Four Kansai University Credit Transfer System, student at Kyoto University law school and Doshisha University law school Credit Transfer System, student under Credit Transfer Systems in the Consortium of Universities in Kyoto
  • (2) Full-time faculty member of Doshisha University, laboratory lecturer, fixed-term teacher, project professor, visiting teacher, full-time fellow, research administrator, chair professor, contract lecturer, associate research administrator, full-time temporary employee, part-time temporary employee, contract employee, temporary personnel, part-time employee
  • (3) Others authorized by the Director

Article 4: Application for Use

Users of Learning Commons must go through procedures required for each service provided.

Article 5: Opening Hours

Learning Commons shall be open in the following hours.

  • (1) During lecture / exam perod
    ・Ryoshinkan Learning Commons
     9 AM to 10 PM from Monday to Saturday
    ・Learned Memorial Library Learning Commons
     9 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Friday
     9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday
  • (2) Separately determined for Sundays, national holidays and no-class periods.

Article 6: Activities prohibited in the Commons

Following activities are prohibited. The Director is authorized to order a user to exit the facility when the user does neither listen to warning for conducting prohibited activities nor stop such activities.

  • (1) Loud conversations and conversations by use of mobile phones unrelated to learning activities
  • (2) Eating and drinking in places other than designated areas.
  • (3) Bringing in games and other devices unrelated to learning activities
  • (4) Unauthorized posting in the facility
  • (5) Soliciting activities unrelated to learning activities
  • (6) Other conducts which will disturb learning activities in the surroundings.

Article 7: Termination of Use

The Director is authorized to ban a person who has not complied with this guideline and caused serious problem to the running of Learning Commons from using this facility for a fixed period of time.

Article 8: Management

Learning Commons is managed and run by the Center for Learning Support and Faculty Development.

Article 9: Miscellaneous

Other matters, in addition to those stipulated in this guideline, will be determined by the Director.

Article 10: Administrative Operation

Administration of this guideline will be under the jurisdiction of the office of Center for Faculty Development.

Article 11: Revision/Elimination

The revision/elimination of this guideline shall be discussed at the curriculum coordinator meeting and decided by President.

Supplementary Provision

This guideline will be effective on April 1, 2015.

Engaging the Commons

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