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Floor 3 Research Commons Workshop Room

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Hands-on academics

Two rooms can be used as one large room by removing the partition

Lectures for basic academic skills to study on your own and other events are held in these rooms. The rooms can also be used for workshops and as one large room by removing the partition.

Whiteboards, screens with built-in projectors
8 persons in each room
Up to 18 persons when the two rooms are used as one large room

Use Your Imagination We provide, you decide.

Getting Around the Learning Commons
Ask and Learn.

  • こんな使い方

    Independent Study Venue

    Connect the rooms by removing the partition as necessary to create an event space that suits your particular requirements.

  • こんな使い方

    Seminars and Workshop Lectures

    Seminars with Learning Commons faculty and other staff help you brush up your academic skills.

  • こんな使い方

    Self-Study When Room is Free

    Quickly rearrange the layout for self-study when the room is idle.

Engaging the Commons

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