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Floor 2 Creative Commons InfoDiner

Reserve at the Information Counter

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Low-keyed but well-equipped diner—ideal for feeding both body and mind

A box seat that offers an easy-to-use projector and a whiteboard

The family restaurant-like box seats and height-adjustable tables in this area are equipped with a whiteboard or a display (some with electronic blackboard function). Discussion is made easy as you can develop ideas writing them directly on the whiteboard or using the electronic blackboard, while showing the contents on the computer on the display.

Displays, whiteboards, displays with electronic blackboard function

Capacity   4 to 6 persons per booth

Use Your Imagination We provide, you decide.

Getting Around the Learning Commons
Ask and Learn.

  • こんな使い方

    Get Together and Figure It Out

    A great space to talk about difficult study topics and come up with new ideas.

  • こんな使い方

    Too Much Data for One Person?

    Get together, synergize, and make sense of it all.

  • こんな使い方

    Write Up Your Seminar Handouts

    Work out your ideas together, using a screen.

  • こんな使い方

    Create Presentations using Projectors and Displays

    Short-focus projectors and large plasma displays let you see exactly how your presentation will look when it’s ready to go.

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