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Floor 3 Research Commons Multi Media Lounge

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Editing studio with the latest equipment

A studio where you can edit and process film

The Multi Media Lounge features a full editing studio combined with specialty staff on site. You can easily master digital techniques such as image production and processing and video editing for presentations in order to communicate your ideas to others more easily and effectively.

ICT Support Staff

Facilities Ten PCs, four Macintosh computers, tablets, scanners, and more
Capacity 14 seats

Use Your Imagination We provide, you decide.

Getting Around the Learning Commons
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  • こんな使い方

    Multimedia Editing Using High-End Machines

    Creative environment features Adobe and other power software running on high-end PCs and designer-oriented Macs.

  • こんな使い方

    Pro-Level Equipment for Poster and Leaflet Production

    Use Photoshop, Illustrator, scanners, graphics tablets, and more.

  • こんな使い方

    Produce an Ebook

    Become an author. Turn a report or your graduation thesis into an ebook.

  • こんな使い方

    Help with Software

    Dedicated staff is always on hand to help you with the software.

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