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Floor 2 Creative Commons Information Counter

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An Entryway to Learning

General Reception & Computer Lockers

Information Counter offers a guide to the facilities at Learning Commons and provides equipment such as digital video cameras. In addition, a student ID is all that is needed to borrow a computer from the PC Locker for use inside the building.(Similar services also available at 3rd-floor counter.)

To Reserve Study Space

・Use Application Form.

Please submit a written application (for affiliate status) to reserve use of the Presentation Court and Workshop Rooms.
Application form (.xlsx, 24KB)Excel Application form (.pdf, 112KB)pdf

・Use Student ID.

Student ID is required to reserve use of the InfoDiner, Group Study Rooms, or Group Work Area.

Information Counter Staff

Available For Borrowing
From locker (automatic): DoKoDeMo computer
From the counter: DVD drives, video cameras, microphones, tripods, digital cameras, card readers, and more

Use Your Imagination We provide, you decide.

Getting Around the Learning Commons
Ask and Learn.

  • こんな使い方

    Floor Guide

    First stop for the perplexed. Need advice about how to use this space, or about who to talk with? Ask at the Information Counter.

  • こんな使い方

    Reserve and Borrow

    Reserve rooms or spaces in the learning area. Borrow a notebook computer and other equipment, too.

  • こんな使い方

    How to Use Each Area

    Learn about using the various areas in the Learning Commons.

  • こんな使い方

    Use the Latest ICT Devices

    Our skilled staff stands ready to help you use electronic blackboards, high-definition cameras, multi-screen displays, and other state-of-the-art information and communication technologies.

Engaging the Commons

    Floor Maps

  • Ryoshinkan Learning Commons (IMADEGAWA)

    Floor 2 Creative Commons

    • Information Counter
    • Presentation Court
    • InfoDiner
    • Group Work Area
    • Global Village
  • Floor 3 Research Commons

    • Academic Support Area
    • Group Study Room
    • Workshop Room
    • Multi Media Lounge
    • Print Station
  • Learned Memorial Library Learning Commons (KYOTANABE)

    • インフォメーションカウンター
    • プレゼンテーションコート
    • ワークショップルーム
    • アカデミックサポートエリア
    • グループワークエリア
    • インフォダイナー
  • Usage Guide

  • the Learning Commons Ask and Learn
  • Floor Maps
  • The Commons Cafe

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